Muriel Wakeford on hospital ship, "Gascon."

Sepia group photograph of nurses.

Wakeford back row second from left.

Associated Person: 


Clementina Marshall back row centre, previously Sydney hospital, Matron Woolley British army seated middle row, Christine Dickson and nurse Porter seated bottom row, Australian doctors and surgeons Syme, colonel major surgeon Illias left centre, Dr. surgeon Fiaschi see full description and more stories

Hi Donald,

can you tell me which one in front row is nurse Porter? She is featured in a documentary we're making and we've been looking for an image for a while. Quite a yarn.


Hi , I’m working on a documentary called Angels of the Battlefield-ANZAC Nurses and I need to identify nurse minnie porter from a photograph that you posted on your site and refers to another site, are you able to assist me to identify which nurse is minnie porter?Please contact me, Thank you so much, Suzy

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