25th Battalion Expeditionary Force Football team; Private Hodges last solder in right, 3rd row


Studio portrait of the 25th Battalion Expeditionary Force football team, on the occasion of the game "Soldiers versus Woolloongabba" in aid of the Belgian Fund. Soldiers won 6-3. Left to right: back row: Sergeant-Major George Dewhurst (later killed in action on 5 November 1916); 637 Sergeant (Sgt) Charles George Freestone; Private (Pte) E Benson. Third row: Sgt Bertram Edward White; Quartermaster-Sergeant James Finley Mitchell; Lieutenant-Colonel David Day Dawson; 671 Pte Albert Lindsay (later killed in action 29 July 1916); Pte B Hodges (probably 2157 William Albert Hodges who died of wounds 20 February 1917). Second row: Mr Hart; 302 Corporal Gilbert Bedsor; Pte Ernest William James Slatcher (later killed in action 29 July 1916); Captain (Capt) A Stevenson; Capt Gustavus Mark Connor; Pte Barnes (possibly 24 Pte John Sydney Barnes); Lieutenant (Lt) Boyer; Mr H Sunderland (secretary Queensland Rugby). First row: 753 Pte Edwin Steele; Pte E Cronin (probably Edward Denis Cronin, later 52nd Battalion; Pte D Aiken (Vice-captain) (probably 557 George Douglas Aiken); Lieutenant Archibald Vivian Auchterlonie (Captain) (later killed in action on 20 October 1915); Sgt W Anderson (probably 560 Private William Marriot Anderson); 1564 Pte Walter Punchard; 947 Pte John Naughton; seated in front: Maurice J Barry. Note: original held in Australian War Memorial Archive Store.

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