Group portrait of officers of the 3rd Battalion.

Group portrait of officers of the 3rd Battalion.

Group portrait of officers of the 3rd Battalion.

Back row, left to right: Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt) Cedric Errol Meyer Brodziak (later awarded DSO; killed in action 31 August 1918); Lieutenant (Lt) Ronald Burns (killed in action 25 April 1915); 2nd Lt William Christian Beeken (killed in action 6 August 1915); Lt John Carandini (Carrandine) Wilson (died of wounds 21 May 1915); Lt Robert Orlando Cowey; Lt (Honorary Captain) David McFie McConaghy (later awarded DSO and CMG; died of wounds 9 April 1918); 2nd Lt Leonard Ken Stevenson and 2nd Lt Lawrence (Laurence) Whistler Street (killed in action 19 May 1915).

Second row: Captain (Capt) Charles Edward Leer (killed in action 25 April 1915) ; 2nd Lt Edward MacFarlane MacFarlane (died of wounds at sea 2 August 1918); Lt (Honorary Captain) Colin Douglas Austin (killed 6 August 1915); 2nd Lt Harold Edmund Butler; Lt Eric George Goldring; 2nd Lt Owen Glendower Howell-Price (later awarded DSO and MC; died of wounds 4 November 1916) and Lt George Edward McDonald.

Front row, seated on bench: Honorary Lt George Wall; Capt John Willoughby Butler Bean, Medical Officer (MO); Major Alfred Joshua Bennett (later awarded CMG); Lieutenant Colonel Robert Haylock Owen, Commanding Officer (later awarded CMG); Captain Ernest Samuel Brown (killed in action 6 August 1915); Capt Malcolm St John Lamb; Capt Thomas Oscar Smith (killed in action 7 May 1915) and Capt William Bowman Douglas (died of wounds 5 May 1915).

At front, seated on ground: 2nd Lt Harold William Goldring and 2nd Lt Kenneth John Hinde (killed in action 5 May 1915).

The original contingent of the Third Battalion embarked from Sydney on 20 October 1914 on HMAT Euripides (A14). (See P08567.002 for another print portrait with names inscribed).

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