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Front of postcard with a poem.
Black and white photo of three soldiers in uniform.
Sepia photograph of William George outdoors in uniform.
Sepia landscape photograph depicting Barney and Shoalhaven Sts.
Six people posing for a photograph.
Black and white photo of a storefront.
Picture of grave markers in rows.
Photograph of Memorial for Wallace John Sharpe.
Front of postcard of Victory March through London
Black and white portrait of Robert Best and May Best.
Black and white photo of three people posing, outdoors.
Scan of the last page of diary
Postcard from Judy to Annie. Front depicts a portrait of a woman with flowers in her hair.
Front of postcard says "I'm thinking of you."
Sepia photograph of a group of men in uniform.
Sepia photograph of the band playing together.
Picture of Judy Masters in his foorball uniform.
Photograph of man in uniform and two women on each side of him.
Photo depicts dried, pressed flowers.
Picture depicts front of postcard of Rachel's Grab.
Image depicts book with a wooden cover, with an inscription in Hebrew.
Black and white photograph of Martin Dyer writing.
Black and white photograph of Martin Dyer on horseback.
Three postcards each depicting Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge.