Unanderra Public School Honour Roll


This Honour Roll can be found at Unanderra Primary School, Princes Highway, Unanderra.


1914 1919 The Great Wat (sic)


Those Listed: 


Aitkin F.
Burke F.
Banfield H.E. (M.C.)
Burgess W.
Burgess L.
Brewer C.
Cawe E.S. *
Chapman W.
Catterall A.V. *
Cooper C.B.
Cochrane H.
Corfian J. *
Chinnock A.E.
Colbert W.
Duxbury J.S. *
Dines C.T. *
Fishlock G. (M.S.M.)
Fishlock L.
Ferriss C.
Franklin W.
Franklin B.
Franklin P.
Fackender E.
Grogan R.
Gorrell J.K.
Gorrell S.
Gorrell W.
Hepburn H.
Hargrave E.A.
Jeffrey E. *
Lindsay S.W.
Lindsay W.
Lindsay W.F. (M.C.)
Lindsay T.F. *
Lindsay E.A.
Lindsay G.
Lawless R. *
Stevens J.R.
Stevens W.A.
Muir F.W. *
Mooney F.
Neaves H.H.
Neaves A.E. *
Osborne E.
Richardson J.W.
Rodgers P.
Rodgers W.
Richards R.
Stapleton W. *
Spinks J.K. *
Thompson H.
Thompson W.
Timothy E.
Timothy S.
Warrington A.R.
Warrington F.
Wright W.
Warrington Nurse Dora

 * These Gave Their Lives

Illawarra Family History Group Inc. [compiled by] Illawarra Remembers: War Memorials of the Illawarra, Wollongong NSW: IFHG, 1995.

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