Gerringong Soldiers Memorial Hall


These memorials and Honour Rolls are on the outside of the Gerringong Soldiers Memorial Hall, on the corner of Belinda Street, Gerringong.


Theirs was a greatness got from their grandsires, theirs that so often in strife with their enemies, struck for their country, their hearts, and homes.


Sleep, comrades, sleep and rest on the feild of grounded arms, where foes no more molest. 
Your silent tents of green we deck with fragrant flowers, yours has the suffering been, the memory shall be ours.

[Text on Memorials and Honour Roll]

The Gerringong Soldiers Memorial Hall was bult in 1921.

Those Listed: 

Soldiers of Gerringong who fought for the Empire in the world's Greatest War 1914 - 1919

G. Ainsley
C.E.G. Averill
C.J. Bignell
G. Brown
D.G. Campbell
G.W. Campbell
W.H. Chapman
H.E. Cooke
R. DE Weske
G.H. Donovan
J.S. Dooley
T.S. Harding
R. Henderson
F.C. Hoare
W. Hoare
J. Jordan
D.J. Kelly
P.F. Kelly
C. Lawrence
F. Luxton
C. Marsden
L.C. McDonald
E.E. McLelland
H. Mealing
H.G. Miller
G.M. Miller
S.G.W. Miller
R. Mitchell
N. Moore
C. Murray
A.C. Murray
D. Murray
H. Murray
E. Murray
R. O'Sullivan
B. Parrish
J. Reynolds
A.J. Rutledge
W.H. Rutledge
E. Rutledge
P. Smith
W. Strong
R.E. Taylor
S. Tidmarsh
L. Tuckwell
V.J.N. Walker
J. Webb
D.W. Wilson
F.G. Wynter
A. Young

Soldiers of Gerringong who gave their lives for the Empire in the Worl'ds Greatest Was 1914 - 1919

SPR J.E. Alexander - Died on service
TPR G.H. Cooke - Palestine
PVTE E.A. Cook - France
PVTE J.W. Donovan - Gallipoli
PVTE J.B. Harding - France
PVTE C. Howard - France
PVTE A. Howes - Died on Service
PVTE T.B. Kiley - France
PVTE E. Moore - France
PVTE T.M. Moore - Died on service
SGNR F.J. O'Brien - France
L.CPL A. Parrish - France
L.CPL T.L. Parrish - France
SGT W.J. Sharpe - Palestine


Illawarra Family History Group Inc. [compiled by] Illawarra Remembers: War Memorials of the Illawarra, Wollongong NSW: IFHG, 1995.

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