Bulli-Woonona War Memorial


Originally located at the corner of Hopetown Street and Princes Highway. The War Memorial was re-erected during the "Back to Bulli" celebrations in September 1989, at Slacky Flat Park.


This monument was erected by supscriptions of the citizens of Bulli-Woonona in memory of those who gave their lives for the cause of freedom & those who enlisted in the Great War 1914 - 1919. 

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The Image below is of the official re-erecting of Bulli-Woonona War Memorial as part of the "Back to Bulli" celebrations in 1989 at Slacky Flat Park.

Those Listed: 


Baker, J.
Brown W.
Cochrane A.
Chapman W.
Cleary W.
Critcher T.
Croft J.
Cracknell L.
Cristerson C.
Foster J.
Fowler J.
Fletcher J.
Fletcher D.
Frew R.
Goble D.
Graham W.
Hargraves A.
Hill T.
Mason G.F.
Meehan S.
Meredith E.
Morris E.
Murray N.
Nicol D.
Patmore R.
Quinn E.
Rees H.
Rixon K.
Riorden J. D.C.M.
Smith J.
Sheppard B.
Schadel G.
Taylor O.
Tressider A.
Thomas R.
Williams J.
Woods G.
Christiansen C.
Moore A.

These also served

Artis A.
Anderson C.
Annesley L.
Adey A.V.
Barlogio F.
Barlogio J
Barlogio J.J.
Baker E.
Baker H.
Baker J.
Bourkes E.
Bovis E.
Brown J.
Brown A
Brady J.
Burrows J.
Beveridge A.
Bishop W.
Bishop V.
Barrett A.
Bell J.
Bray R.
Brodie F.
Baxter W.
Barker A.
Bennett R.
Birks T.
Barton T.
Bayne W.
Catt C.
Clarke H.
Coulton T.
Chandler L.
Colliss T.
Clarke H.
Crane J.
Carrick T.

Carrick J.
Cameron L.
Cummins J.
Clarke T.
Clarke L.
Chamberlain G.
Critcher F.
Critcher H.
Corney H.
Christiansen W.J.
Crompton J.
Dalstrom G.
Davidson J.
Davidson J.
Davies W.
Davis A.
Davis A.
Dear J.
Dennis W.J.
Dennis R. M.M.
Downie J.A.
Downie W. M.M.
Downie A.
Driscoll R.
Evans T.
Evans W.
Edmunds A.
Edwards T.
Fowler C.
Fletcher E.
Fletcher A.
Frew L.
Frew C.
Fuller W.
Fry G.C.


These also served

Giffen J.
Gollagher J.
Graham H.
Graham A.
Graham C.
Gribbon G.
Greenhalgh A.
Hughes A.
Haines E.
Hargraves J.
Hause C.
Head P.
Herring W.
Henninger C.
Hetherington W.
Henderson A.
Hoy H.
Hume A.
Hunter E.
Hunter A.
Hunter R.
Hill A.
Heardman H.
Harris J.
Hayes H.
Jackson R.
Jack J.
Jones T.S.
Jones J.
Jones S.
Jones B.
Jones H.
Johnson R.
Johnston J.
Kimbrey H.
Knight J.
Kirton B.
Lacey S.
Lacey G.
Lewis G.
Leeming A.
Longhurst C.
Marshall T.
Martin F.
Mawer T.
Marsh S.G.
Marsh S.
Mant F.
Meredith L.
Madgwick R.
Morris W.
Moore J.
Millard R.
Murray O.
McPherson DR.
McDonald D.
McKinnon C.
McMurtrie T.
Marshall W. D.C.M. K
Nicholson J.B
Neilson W.
Newton J.
Nobes P.
Nobes A.
Narbeth A.
Narbeth E.
Narbeth T.
Owens W.G.
Owens J.

These also served

Orvard J.
Pankhurst J.
Palmer Dr
Parker J.
Phipps H.
Pritchard C.
Pritchard A.
Perkins E.
Polglase E.
Polglase H.
Rowan G.
Rees W.
Richardson W.J.R.
Richardson Nurse
Richardson V.
Richardson H.K
Rixon Ken
Riorden W.
Roberts H.
Rowan J.
Salisbury W.
Salisbury J.J.
Salisbury J.C.
Sheather J.
Sheather P.
Schofield R.
Schofield W.
Smith J.
Smith J.R.
Stone T.
Shaw F.
Shaw C.
Starr H.
Sandfier J.
Stewart R.
Seery J.
Smith R.

Stubbs R.
Smith A.
Tregoning B.
Tregoning E.
Tressider R.
Thomas H.
Thurman W.
Tolhurst C.
Tucker P.
Turner R.
Moore G.
Upton B.C.
Upton H.
Moore M.
Veigal A.
Wilson L.K.
Waters W.
Waters A.
Watson J.
Watson T.
West W.
Walker C.
Williams W.L.
Williams W.
Welsh W.
Weipport O.
Wonson J.
Woods R.
Washbourne W.
Westward F.
Adley A

Yuille A.

Copas A.K.
Corney H.
Bradley E.
Round A.

Illawarra Family History Group Inc. [compiled by] Illawarra Remembers: War Memorials of the Illawarra, Wollongong NSW: IFHG, 1995.
Roberts, M 2014, ''Forgotten' Bulli memorial needs restoration', The Bulli Times, 15 April, viewed 18 July 2016, <https://thebullitimes.com/2014/04/15/forgotten-bulli-memorial-needs-restoration/>

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