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Letter from Miss Morrow to Australian Military
Scan of letter from Miss Morrow to Australian Military
Headstone of Richard McDonald, inscription reads: My Friend
Inscription reads: 5182 Private R McDonald. 1st Bn. Australian INE 24th July 1916 Age 33. My Friend
Scan of newspaper clipping titled 'Good book returned'.
Photograph of Richard McDonald's bible with a written dedication.
Group portrait of officers of the 3rd Battalion.
Sepia photograph of three soldiers in uniform in Gallipolli
Black and white photograph of grave markers.
Sepia photograph of Edward George Chamberlain in Columbo, the washing place
Black and white photo of three officers in uniform
Sepia photograph of David and Edith in wedding attire.
Black and white photo of three officers in uniform.
Black and white photo of army officers in front of Union Jack.
Image depicts a scan of letter.
Image depicts a scan of the telegram.
Black and white portrait of George Boniface
A sepia photograph of the Weir family.
Scan of postcard from Thomas Kennedy Irwin
Book cover reads: The Overseas Soldier's Guide to London
Image depicts Chamberlain on a camel with sphinx and pyramids as backdrop.
Sepia photograph of Chamberlain and female companion.
Picture of the diary in a fabric case.
Picture of field glasses with its case.
Picture of two war medals alongside it's envelope.
Picture of stripes and badges displayed.
Picture of army buttons in display.
Sepia photograph of soldiers in uniform standing in a line.
Sepia full body portrait of a soldier in uniform.
Sepia photograph of soldiers.