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War medals of Robert McKay McIntosh
Died 5th August 1916 age 22
Sepia photograph of the Defence Corps
Grave stone of John Robert Fraser
Dog tag (identification tag) of William Farrell
War medals of Walter Ellis Edwards
Black and white photo of six men in uniform with David Morgans
Postcard from David Morgans to Edith depicting the town of Douai, France
Dead Man's Penny (Memorial Plaque) for Charles James Warrington
Gravestone of Charles McCarter
A newspaper clipping featuing Frederick Warren Muir
Gravestone for Alexander Frame
Sepia full-body portrait of Ernest Donald Gow
Black and white portrait of Ernest Donald Gow
Oswald Stafford Brown grave
Sepia photograph of William Frederick Madden
Sepia photograph of William Frederick Madden with comrades
W Dungey, J Peace and J Dungey Honour Roll
Sepia photograph of Will and Jack Dungey and Jack Clarkson
Sepia photograph of Frances Powell
Portrait of John Barrett with inscription 'When Duty Called He Answered'
Pay book of David John Morgans
Grave registration report scan
Grave registration report scan for Louis Stanley Kendall
Stanley Kendall's grave. Died 23rd October 1917 age 39
Postcard written to Stanley's sister, dated Christmas Day
Children of Stanley Kendall sepia photograph
30th Battalion in a train at Kiama train station
The Badans family home black and white portrait